If you read my last post, you may have thought I’d forgotten to mention yet another well-loved February institution. Well, I didn’t entirely forget. I just chose not to include it – the Super Bowl. In my defense, it sometimes falls in January, its date not fixed like Valentine’s Day or President’s Day, so stop wagging your finger at me.

I can honestly say this is the first year in many where I actually watched most of the game. When I say most, clearly I’m referring to the big budget commercials and half time extravaganza. Ugh. I was mostly waiting to see the Matthew Broderick commercial in which he resurrects the beloved Ferris Bueller. I was not disappointed; however, the half time show was schlocky and cumbersome like a bad Las Vegas act. Maybe it’s because I’m old. Maybe it’s because Madonna is old. Maybe it’s because it’s become a laughable venue. My daughter seemed to enjoy the cast of characters who joined Madonna on stage. To her, they were the stars, and Madonna was just the glue holding it all together. Maybe she’s right. Madonna looked great, at a distance, and I marveled at how she was able to walk in those boots, but it was mostly painful to watch. Later I learned, one of the co-stars, M.I.A., actually flipped the bird on live TV. I did not see it firsthand (no pun intended), but all I can say is, what a rube! Don’t come to my country and mock an American institution with your classless gestures. Oh my gosh, I was suddenly defending the Super Bowl and looking upon Madonna like she was the Madonna. Anyway, the Patriots lost, and I refuse to watch the Clint Eastwood/Chrysler commercial lest I lose respect for one of my Hollywood heroes, and that’s all I have to say about that.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, less than a week away, and I have some ideas I’d like you to consider: Skip the candy, flowers, expensive dinners and Hallmark cards. Instead, how about a handmade card, a Sweeney’s gift certificate or a donation to your Valentine’s favorite charity or “Save Ferris” fund?  Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you of my Paper Whites demise. They provided me weeks of blooms and grinning side glances, but their time has come to bid adieu. I look forward to their arrival next year and intend on expanding my horizons into other forced bulbs. Won’t you join me?

Best wishes,
Kim Sweeney