I am happy to report that I survived another daylight savings time, but it wasn’t pretty, and I am still reeling from its effects. My whole Sunday was completely arrhythmic, and Monday morning arrived with lightning speed. This year seems worse. Perhaps the unseasonable weather is exacerbating my out-of-step condition. Thus I have no control over such things and will stop complaining. George Bernard Shaw, famous Irish playwright, reminds us “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself”.

In homage to Shaw and all things Irish, we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which just happens to be this Saturday. ‘Tis a day when we are ALL Irish, don some green attire, perhaps drink a pint of Guinness or two, watch the Quiet Man, starring the Duke & Maureen O’Hara and imbibe in some, uh, you know, corned beef and cabbage. Ok, I am Irish, but I loathe corned beef. It’s what I affectionately term “wet meat”, and it’s the worst offender of all the “wet meats”. I’m sorry if I’ve insulted you or your heritage, but I can’t do it. I can’t eat it. Alas, there is another option – a truly traditional Irish dish, Colcannon! It is decadent, yet rustic, and it is truly delicious! I’ve included the recipe below:

• 3 pounds of potatoes
• 2 sticks of butter
• 1 ¼ cup hot milk
• Black pepper
• 1 head of cabbage, cored and finely shredded
• 1 pound of bacon, cooked the day before
• 4 scallions, finely chopped

• Steam the potatoes in their skins until fork tender. Peel skins using a knife & fork. Chop roughly with a knife before mashing. Mash thoroughly and add 1 stick of butter in pieces. Gradually add hot milk, stirring constantly. Season with black pepper to taste.
• Boil the finely shredded cabbage in unsalted water until it turns a darker green. Add 2 tablespoons of butter to help tenderize. Cover with lid for 2 minutes. Drain.
• Add cabbage, bacon and scallions to mashed potatoes, stirring gently.
• Serve in individual bowls or soup plates. Make an indentation on the top and drop in 1 tablespoon of butter. Serve & enjoy!

I encourage you to give Colcannon a try. You may find it becomes part of your regular dinner rotation.

Beginning next week, the official start of Spring, you will notice my blogs take on a more “landscapey” feel with a little less “fluff”. Obvious, I know. Believe it or not, it won’t be long until Sweeney’s is out there mowing your lawns and making your yards beautiful. We are gearing up and excited to begin a new season, but for the moment, enjoy the lovely weather, a big bowl of Colcannon, and I bid to you:

May the Irish hills caress you.
May her lakes and rivers bless you.                                                              
May the luck of the Irish enfold you.
May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.
~Irish Blessing

Best wishes,
Kim Sweeney

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