As you may have noticed, we are in dire need of rain, which, of course, can adversely affect our gardens, shrubs, trees and lawns.  Although we have absolutely no control over mother nature, and my rain dancing skills have yielded little more than sneers and snickers, there are definitely things you can control when it comes to the health of your lawns.  Following are some common mistakes to avoid:

Mowing Too Short

Raising the mowing height can help improve the quality of your lawn and help reduce crabgrass.


Too much water can be equally as devastating as not enough water.  Too much water contributes to poor rooting and thatch accumulation.


It is possible to fertilize too often, at the wrong time or excessively in the shade.  Subscribe to Sweeney’s lawn maintenance and/or fert program, and take the guess work out of fertilizing.

Wrong Grass in Wrong Area

Grass selection needs to match the site in which its grown.  Take into effect environmental factors, such as sun and shade and how the site is used.  Plant the proper seed/sod in the right areas.

Too Much Shade

Lawn care in shady areas calls for special attention.  Don’t expect picture perfect lawns in full shade areas as it’s simply not realistic.  Allow Sweeney’s to recommend alternatives, such as groundcover.

Subscribe to Sweeney’s lawn maintenance and/or fertilization programs for the healthiest, happiest lawns.  We can even tailor a maintenance/fertilization program to meet your lawn’s specific needs.

“Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance.”

– Cowboy proverb

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney