The horizon line began to fade as stars twinkled above the land and beneath the heavens, shimmering against the darkened, night sky and newly driven snow.  Trees maintained their stature and poise under nature’s weighty adornment, dressed with festive appeal.  The earth had quieted.  Our hearts too.  Christmas was coming.

SnowSnow still fascinates me.  It fills me with wonder and awe.  Nothing can so effectively imbue my heart and soul with holiday spirit as snow.  It’s truly magical and enchanting.  Even when shoveling, my childlike demeanor finds it not a loathsome task but a privilege.  Sure, I say this now, but will I feel the same come February?  Only time will tell.

So we finally dragged out the Christmas tree this weekend.  I had been putting it off for two very good reasons:  First and foremost, all four of our children celebrate their birthdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We try to keep their birthdays separate from the surrounding holidays, so their special days take center stage.  The second reason, and it is nothing more than an excuse, is I realized Christmas was only ten days away.  The calendar scared me half to death and jolted me into action.   My daughter’s constant wincing as she passed the remnants of my fall decor just wasn’t sinking in.  I was late to the game.  I admit it.  Even though my heart was overrun with holiday spirit, my mind kept wandering around the calendar, convinced I had nothing but time on my side.  As usual, I was wrong.

So here we are.  Christmas is a mere week away, and 2013 will soon be ushered out the door for the more fashionable, modern 2014.  As we look back upon the old and peer into the new, we thank you and hope your Holidays are happy, healthy, and joyful.  You mean the world to us, and we are forever grateful for your kindness and support.

“Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance – each beautiful, unique, and too soon gone.”

-Deborah Whipp

Snow #1Warm Holiday Wishes,

Kim, Tom & Tim Sweeney

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