Magnolia Buds  Positioned on the very edge of February, Spring seems not so very distant.  Longer days and more sunlight catapults nature into action.  Although it may not feel like it, Spring is already making itself known in the presence of buds and singing birds, and in just a few weeks, we’ll be “springing” forward with the onset of Daylight Savings Time (Sunday, March 8th).  I perish the thought.

Arctic Jet Stream  I saw an article yesterday which seemed to indicate the sub-zero temps we’ve been experiencing along with the copious amounts of snow in the Northeast are due to the Arctic’s warming.  Let’s think about this for a moment…logically.  So, the warming Arctic is producing colder air or jet streams?  Look, I browsed the article at best because it somewhat insulted my intelligence, so to give it more than just a passing glance seemed like a waste of time and brain cells.  I believe the gist of the argument is the jet stream has slowed due to the warming Arctic, allowing for it to loop southwards.  Seems like a mighty, silly stretch.  I may just be a bit dumber for scanning the article and entertaining its contents.  Next!

Flipping Calendar  With March quickly approaching, I suggest you rest up and read up, so you can hit the ground running.  Sweeney’s too is gearing up and looking forward to the 2015 season!

“February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”

-Dr. J.R. Stockton

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney