Spring Clean Up

On the frayed edge of Winter, we wait.  Spring is just days away.  We are hopeful.  We are spirited.  Winter seems, now, like a distant dream, and we are forward-looking and thinking, but could it be?  Could the baton be passed so eloquently and gracefully from the cold, strong grasp of Winter to the open, receiving hands of Spring?  Are we being tricked?  Will Winter strike once again while our guards are down?  It is possible.  It is always possible, but we shouldn’t wring our hands in despair.  Whatever may come, we will accept, because like all seasons, Spring is a promise, sure to arrive in style and perhaps a little late.

Winter Damaged Grass

Now that the weather somewhat matches our state-of-mind, and the Vernal (Spring) Equinox graces our lives on Friday, we must start thinking about our first steps of the season while performing triage on the items that require our immediate attention.  Our lawn, like many of you, is plagued with snow mold.  We see it mostly on the north and west sides, where mounds of snow built up and remained throughout the better part of Winter.  The grass in these areas is matted down and covered in a web-like mold.  Beds are filled with debris, accumulated over Winter, and even though our Arborvitae bounced back from the hefty weight of snow, some shrubs aren’t looking so great.  A Spring Clean Up is most definitely in order followed by some much-needed lawn renovation, particularly when snow mold and vole damage is visible.  A good raking of these weak/dead areas along with overseeding may be in order.  Get your Free estimate on Spring Clean Ups or Lawn Renovations.

Spring Pruning

Spring Clean Ups are a vital component of a landscape’s maintenance program, and may include the following:

  • Rake out accumulated leaves and debris from planting beds and lawns.
  • Prune out damaged, weak, and/or crossing limbs in shrubs.  Spring-blooming shrubs should not be pruned until after they are done blooming.
  • Cut back perennials and grasses as needed.
  • Fertilize perennials, shrubs, and trees.
  • Mulch beds and tree rings.
  • Inspect plants and lawns for winter damage.

Call Sweeney’s today or fill out a free estimate form to price and/or schedule your Spring Clean Up and/or Lawn Renovation.  Let’s help you put your best foot forward for the season ahead.

“Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.”

– Reginald Heber

Best wishes,
Kim Sweeney