Bruce #2Bruce #1

I have a favorite tree.  His name is Bruce.  He’s an Oak.  There’s nothing particularly special or different about Bruce, except he’s mine.  He’s mine in the sense that he resides in my yard.  He’s rather mature.  Mature in reference to his size, not his personal philosophies, which I’m sure are quite fascinating.  He is wise.  Bruce appears to be an excellent host as many squirrels and birds make their homes in his canopy.  He’s stately and proud.  He wears a thin veil of moss, which gives him character.  And after a good rainfall, the moss almost glows.  We chat daily.  I am his keeper, and he is my teacher.  He is somewhat stoic and doesn’t care for flattery for flattery’s sake.  He is serious but hopelessly kind.  He’s my Bruce.

Oak Starting to Change Color

Bruce, like the rest of the landscape, is in a transition state, preparing for the season ahead.  As temperatures cool, sunlight wanes and rainfall increases, conditions present opportunities that we must exploit.

Lawn Aeration

Aerations and lawn renovations should be scheduled now.  Aeration helps ease compaction, drainage issues and can deter weed growth.  Overseeding is an inexpensive and effective way to fill in bare spots or supplement a weak lawn.  By bolstering our lawns in early to mid Fall, they’ll be able to face winter’s dormancy in peak health and dazzle you come Spring.

“It is difficult to realize how great a part of all that is cheerful and delightful in the recollections of our own life is associated with trees.”

-Wilson Flagg

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney