Night Sky  A curious thing happened on New Year’s Eve.  It was rumored that the Northern Lights might be visible from the northern edge of the state, yet the skies were muddied with clouds throughout the majority of the evening, seemingly to the very brink of 2015.  At midnight, I stepped out to welcome the new year, and lo and behold, the clouds began to swiftly move across the sky, revealing the stars and moon.  It was if the new year was sweeping the sky clean, uncluttered, unsoiled and new.  Although I saw nothing that resembled the Northern Lights, I experienced something equally as intriguing, and it seemed rather symbolic.  The new year was presenting us with a clean slate.  And so I crossed the threshold into 2016 with a certain weightlessness and a bit of assurance.

Flipping Calendar  As we settle into the rhythm of the new year, Sweeney’s is forging new and exciting paths, and this year, more than ever, we will be customer-centric, focusing our training, skills and experience towards delivering the best customer service!  We know you have a choice when it comes to who you’ll trust to service your lawns and gardens, and we want to make the decision easy, effortless and natural.

We’re glad your back to join us.  Stay tuned for updates, informative articles and the general foibles and folly of my charmed life.

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney