Geese Returning  The chutter, honk, and spur of the returning geese reverberated in the skies as their tight, regimented formations loosened.  Their mood seemed more casual and celebratory as they made their way north where life would be unmeasurably easier and kinder.  After all, it’s officially Spring.  Welcome home.

Daffodils in March  Clearly, March is throwing some late punches and remains steadfast in its fickleness, but this is the Midwest.  This is Spring – frivolous and capricious as ever, but we must not be swayed or disheartened.  Temperatures will level out and nature will find its way.  She always does.

Thatch  As we begin our Spring Clean Ups and inspect our uncluttered lawns, finally, it’s a great time to schedule aerations.  No doubt our lawns took a fairly good beating in summer with heavy foot traffic, which causes compaction.  Aerations help alleviate soil compaction and thatch build up, leading to stronger root systems and healthier lawns.  It also allows water and fertilizer to penetrate more easily and effectively.  Additionally, aerations have proven to mitigate certain fungal diseases and discourages the growth of weeds, but timing is crucial.

Lawn Aeration  Aerations disrupt the roots, so it’s important the lawn has time to heal properly.  Spring is ideal as the grass is actively growing, which allows it to recover quickly, as opposed to aerating in Summer when heat and drought slows and impedes growth.  Fall is also a good time, but again, the lawn needs time to recover, so aerations should be scheduled when the grass is still actively growing.

Aerated Lawns  For healthy, lush, green grass, contact Sweeney’s today to schedule your Spring Aeration.

“There’s one good thing about snow, it makes your lawn look as nice as your neighbor’s.”

-Clyde Moore

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney