May Perennial Garden #2

The tender green foliage of nascent Spring is slowly maturing and deepening as plants begin to fill out and reach fearlessly upwards.  Trees, once bare and sparsely leafed, have grown dense and lush.  The wind no longer blows hollow.  We are on the brink of true Spring as our frost-free date draws near (i.e. May 15th), and we can finally get serious about planting.  What better way to celebrate and honor Mom on Mother’s Day than with some seriously beautiful plants.

Blue Storm Agapanthus #1Blue Storm Agapanthus #2

Blue Storm Agapanthus

Also known as Lily of the Nile, Blue Storm Agapanthus produces a litany of pale violet flowers that bloom June – September.  Prefers sun/partial shade and dry soil.  Grows 24-26″ high and 18-24″ wide.  Works well in containers or bed borders.  Somewhat drought tolerant and very low maintenance.

Happy Jack Clematis #1Happy Jack Clematis #2                  

Happy Jack Purple Clematis

Large, velvety, deep purple flowers with yellow stamens adorn this vine and bloom June – August.  Prefers sun/partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 6-8′ high and 3-4′ wide.  Is know for being a fast grower and can be used in a container, as a border plant or specimen plant.

Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea #1   Endless Summer #2

Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea

Large, showy rosy-pink, purple or blue flowers (determined by soil pH) bloom from June – September amongst sturdy, reddish-purple stems and dark green, deeply serrated leaves.  Prefers sun/partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 3-4′ high and 4-6′ wide.  Heat tolerant and disease resistant.  Looks beautiful when planted in mass.

David Austin #1David Austin #2       

David Austin Winchester Cathedral Rose

Stunning masses of  fragrant, large white flowers bloom in June.  Characteristic rose scent with hints of honey and almond.  Prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 3-4′ high and 3-4′ wide.  Classic garden shrub that can be used almost anywhere, particularly nice in a mixed border.

Sand CoreopsisSand Coreopsis #2

Sand Coreopsis

Bright, sunny fringed flowers bloom May – July among fine green foliage.  Prefers full sun and dry soil.  Grows 18-24″ high and 18-24″ wide.  Is drought tolerant and can be used in borders.  Can be an aggressive self seeder in optimum growing conditions, naturalizing to form large colonies.

Clearly, these are just a few of the many diverse and gorgeous plants mom is sure to love.  Not sure how to choose or which ones will work best?  Reach out to Sweeney’s!  Rather have mom pick them herself?  Consider a Sweeney’s gift certificate.  You choose the denomination, and we’ll do the rest – whether it be a front yard overhaul, bed creation, cut flower garden, privacy hedge, tree planting, mulch, lawn renovation or weekly mowing.  Doesn’t mom deserve the very best?

Plant of the Week:

Flowering Spurge #1Flowering Spurge #2

Flowering Spurge

An ugly name for a delicate stunner – sometimes referred to as Native Baby’s Breath, sprays of tiny white flowers with yellow centers bloom June – August.  Prefers sun and moist, well-drained soil.   Grows 24-36″ high and 18-24″ wide.  Attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

“The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness.”

-Honore de Balzac

Best wishes, and Happy Mother’s Day,

Kim Sweeney