Like frayed and sun-bleached linens, Summer hung precariously and neglected on the line.  The winds were no longer taciturn but purposeful, and they began to unravel and sully her narrative.


Change is tangible as we distance ourselves from Summer’s fermented sweetness into the comforting embrace of Autumn.


Fall is a season of second chances.  Much like Spring, cooler temperatures and consistent rain fall present perfect conditions in which to plant, seed, restore and regroup.  In addition to lawn renovations, aerations, and clean ups, Fall offers us a window in which to reflect and assess our gardens and landscapes, and begs the question, “are we are doing all we can to create sustainable, low-maintenance, pollinator-friendly gardens that foster native wildlife?”  In other words, are you one in a million?


The National Pollinator Garden Network has challenged each and every one of us to “bee” one in a million through creating and maintaining gardens and landscapes that foster and nurture pollinator populations by providing nectar and pollen-rich native plants, wind breaks, water and the elimination of pesticides.


So, as you take advantage of this wonderful window of opportunity, set aside some time to evaluate your landscape, take notice of gaps between bloom times, and remember it’s not too late.  Summer flowering perennials, trees and shrubs can be planted now.  They may not flower, but they will have enough time to establish healthy root systems, so when Spring/Summer rolls around, you’ll be one in a million!  Contact Sweeney’s today, and we’ll help support you as you take the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge!

Plant of the Week


Bottle Gentian

Tubular-shaped, blue flowers that resemble large unopened buds bloom August – October amongst glossy, green foliage.  Prefers sun to partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 18-24″ high and 12-18″ wide.  Grows in a rounded form and attracts pollinators.  Native species.

“The hum of bees is the voice of the garden.”

-Elizabeth Lawrence

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney