The landscape’s golden aura is beginning to deepen and caramelize into blazing oranges, fiery scarlets and smoky purples.  Autumn is not solely a feast for our eyes but engages all the senses.  From the distinct smell of newly fallen leaves moistened by dew to their smoldering remnants.  From the rustle and crunch of leaves underfoot to the rush of wind through the grasses.  From the velvety undersides of leaves to the cottony seed heads.  We are immersed in her seasonal culture and sensory bounty.


In an effort to maintain all the beauty and allure of Autumn all year long, consider bringing the outdoors in and decorating your home with Fall’s bounty.


Flowers can be collected and dried.  Consider Hydrangea, Sedum, Baby’s Breath, Lavender, Sage, Yarrow or Globe Amaranth.  Simply hang upside down in a cool, shaded place like the garage, shed, basement or utility room.


Seedpods, twigs/branches, cones and berries add great texture and color to the home, whether used alone or mixed with dried flowers.  Cattail, Milkweed and Queen Anne’s Lace provide interesting seedpods while Corkscrew Willow and Redtwig Dogwood offer wonderfully shaped and textured twigs and branches.  Pine cones, acorns and ornamental grasses add contrast and flair while Cotoneaster, Crabapple, Viburnum and Euonymus provide vibrant berries.


There are certainly no hard and fast rules about what you can use.  Get creative.  Take a walk around your yard and scout for interesting, colorful materials. Consider making wreaths, garland, bouquets or centerpieces.  Keep Autumn in your heart and home all year long by bringing the outdoors in.  Contact Sweeney’s today for assistance with all your Fall projects!

Plant of the Week


Blue Mist Shrub

Deep, purple-blue, fragrant flowers bloom August – September amongst silvery-green foliage on mounded shrub.  Prefers full sun and dry soil.  Grows 24-36″ tall and 24-36″ wide.  Attracts pollinators and is drought tolerant.

“A brooding calm in all the air,

A dreamy quiet everywhere…

A golden glow to light the day,

That fades in purple mists away-

This soothing calm, this presence bright,

October’s sweet and mellow light.”

-Phebe A. Holder

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney