The wind swirled and roiled, ratting each leaf and limb. Petals littered the ground like confetti while catkins rained down like ticker tape. The landscape seemed almost celebratory in the wake of another building storm.

Nature is dynamic and adept at change. Plants come and go with the changing seasons. They bloom, set seed, and fizzle. Some return year after year, while some only last a season, but gardening can be more than just plants.

Landscape boulders make great focal points while providing texture, form, structure, height, and color. They create great visual and textural contrast, and can serve as an anchor to tie a landscape together.

In addition to their aesthetic value, boulders can also be quite utilitarian. They can aid in soil erosion or be used to create borders, retaining walls, fire pits, seating, pathways, and water features.

When placed in a landscape, boulders shouldn’t float atop the surface. Instead, they should be nestled into the soil for a more natural look. Using local, native boulders lend a more organic look and reflect the natural surroundings.

Size and scale should be considered when choosing and siting boulders. Don’t be afraid to go big to make a grand statement, and consider grouping boulders of various sizes and shapes for further interest.

Boulders are beautiful, practical and very low maintenance. Each one as unique as you! Contact Sweeney’s today, and we’ll help you choose and site these beauties for a wonderful addition to your landscape and gardens.

Plant of the Week

Rock Soapwort

Low growing perennial forms a lovely carpet of starry, bright pink flowers late Spring – early Summer amongst bright green foliage.  Prefers full sun, and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 6-8″ tall and 12-18″ wide.  Works well in a rock garden or as a groundcover.  Attracts butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators.

“May your boulders be your blessings. May you be able to embrace them. And may you find what’s extraordinary in yourself.”
-Aron Ralston

Well wishes,

Kim Sweeney