The feathery seed heads captured the gilded light of the setting sun, like wicks of a candle, smoldering above the arching, green grass.

Ornamental Grasses are truly versatile. They can add height, texture, color and year round interest. They can soften hardscapes, provide screening/privacy (some varieties can grow 6-7′), provide a focal point, attract wildlife, and act as groundcover. Additionally, and often times overlooked, Ornamental Grasses have the ability to add movement and sound. Placed in planters, they can add panache to your decks and patios. They truly can fill almost any role within your landscape, and they require very little in return.

Black Mondo Grass
Compact, clump forming, evergreen grass emerges purplish-green before turning a stunning purplish-black.  Dark lavender flowers bloom in Summer, followed by purple berries in Fall.  Provides seasonal interest year round with great contrast, texture and movement.  Great as edging or in containers.

Feather Reed Grass 
One of the more popular grasses, Feather Reed Grass grows straight and upright, reaching heights of 5′. Feathery, tan plumes and tiny flowers emerge in early summer, surrounded by its deep green leaves. In Fall, the seed heads mature to a soft, wheat-color that endures into Winter, adding interest and color. Feather Reed Grass provides an excellent vertical accent, whether used in a bed behind perennials, near a water feature, or as a screen.

Little Bluestem
This native prairie grass grows in shades of blue, silver, and green and matures to a fiery red in Fall with fluffy, silvery seed stalks. Its airy, delicate texture comes to life in the gentlest of breezes. Little Bluestem works well as a groundcover or in a mixed border. Can also be used on hilly drifts for erosion control.

Variegated Japanese Forest Grass
This low growing, mounding grass has gracefully arching, golden foliage with green stripes. Hints of red and pink can be seen in the Fall. Works well when planted along pathways, under trees or shrubs or in a shade garden.

Fountain Grass
Clump forming grass with gracefully arching fluffy, flaxen plumes that bloom above the lush green foliage. Foliage matures to a golden russet in Fall and remains throughout the Winter. Great as a backdrop in beds or amongst shrubs for contrast.  Consistent winter interest.

No other plant offers hypnotic, gentle swaying, rhythmic sound, color, texture, and year round interest like Ornamental Grasses. Break away from the negative connotations and discover their true assets.  Reach out to Sweeney’s today, and fall in love with these humble beauties. We proudly serve the communities of Villa Park, Elmhurst, Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Wood Dale, Itasca, and more!

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Plant of the Week


Porcupine Grass

Upright green foliage is adorned with golden, horizonal bands.  Reddish-bronze plumes bloom above the foliage in late Summer/early Fall.  Prefers sun to partial sun, and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 6-8′ tall and 3-4′ wide.  Deer resistant.  Salt tolerant.

“She speaks in whispers and lullabies, and dances in the wind.  She tempers the hardened, and fortifies the precarious.  She is beauty, power, humility and grace across the seasons.  She is prairie grass.”

-Kim Sweeney

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney