Welcome to our very first blog!  As a family owned landscaping company, located in Benesenville, IL, we must admit we don’t have much experience in blogging; however, our hope is to provide useful, seasonal information in a condensed form on a monthly basis while providing a little insight as to who we are, what we hope to be and perhaps a little fodder for thought and with any luck, a laugh or two.

“Customer service is our Primary service” This is our focus, our driving force, our guiding light, what we consider when we go about pursuing our passion.

Our passion is the great outdoors! We love to help people with their landscaping needs. From lawn/yard care to landscape design/installation, landscape lighting, patios, retaining walls and snow management services.

As the world begins a new year, Sweeney’s too begins a new year with some exciting changes, technological advances, and yes, a blog!

We hope you will like the look of our new website and take advantage of all it has to offer.  Please stay a while, click around, have some fun, learn something new and let us know what you think.

We’re glad you are here!

Tom, Tim & Kim Sweeney