I love winter.  There, I said it.  I know many of you are counting the weeks, perhaps the days until the return of spring, but I am willing to wait.  Granted, this has been a very unusual, temperate winter thus far, which makes me wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us in the weeks to come.  I think we’re all waiting to see what price we’ll pay for such unseasonable weather, and I say, bring it on!  What could be more beautiful than a fresh blanket of snow, glistening in the sun, quieting the earth?  Even without snow, I think the landscape is beautiful in its starkness – dramatic and bold.  Winter sunsets are truly a gift, like a masterfully painted canvas, with carefree strokes of pink and gold that fade to a muted purple twilight

.As 19th century poet, William Blake penned,

In seed time learn, in harvest teach, in winter enjoy.”

I ask you to give winter another chance, another look around.  Just maybe, she’ll begin to grow on you.

For those of you who read the first line, shuttered and skipped to the bottom of the page, I have this to offer.  As much as I do love winter, I do miss my blooms.  To fill this void, I’ve begun to force my Paper White bulbs, a coveted annual Christmas gift.  In 6 weeks, I’ll have dainty, white flowers gracing my windowsill, and it’s easy to do.

I promise to keep you posted on their growth and post pictures as we go.  It’s an easy, convenient way to bring a little bit of spring into your home.

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney