With the onset of summer temperatures, oppressive humidity to be exact, I have a confession to make.  I really don’t spend much time outdoors when temperatures start to exceed 80 degrees with 100% humidity.  I run to my air-conditioned car from the air-conditioned house, and to the air-conditioned office from my air-conditioned car, and you get the picture.  I will, however, creep out in the evening, when the sun isn’t so harsh and the temps have dropped off some.  This is truly the time I enjoy my garden the most.  I would guess, even if you loved the heat and humidity, with your busy schedules, that evening is the time you finally get to enjoy your garden during the week.  There’s definitely something romantic and tranquil about the garden in the evening, so why not plant one specifically for this time of day?

First, you’ll want to start with a location that can be easily viewed from your favorite chaise lounge, deck or porch – that special place you like to retreat to after a long day.  Then you want to consider colors.  Dark, cool colors like blues, reds and purples will be lost in the waning light of dusk, so choose light colors, like white, cream or yellow.  Pale pinks and blues can also work, but they will need to be offset by lighter colors (i.e. white, cream or yellow).  Just like with any other garden, you’ll want to choose a mix of spring, summer and fall blooming perennials, so your evening garden has a constant flow of color and interest.  Annuals bloom all season long and are great fillers when perennials are not at their peak.  Finally, consider fragrance.  What is more intoxicating and relaxing than a waft of night-blooming stock, peony or nicotiana.  Herbs are also a great choice.  An absolute must for your evening garden is  Moon Vine.  It has large, fragrant white flowers that open in the evening.  Pretty cool.

As always, when in doubt about where to plant your evening garden or which plants to choose, Sweeney’s is merely a phone call away.  We can even design your evening garden.  Just give us a call.

The flowers that keep their odor to themselves all day;

But when the sunlight dies away,

Let the delicious secret out.

To every breeze that roams about.

– Anonymous

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney