Garden paths can be purely aesthetic, functional or both.  They can be invitations to the garden visitor to explore the landscape or perhaps just a convenient route for the landscaper to tend the garden.  Some paths are even created for our four-legged friends in hopes they will not tromp through the flowers.  Whatever the reason, a well-designed and well-placed path can enhance the livability and functionality of your garden.


Budget friendly, low maintenance and provides good drainage.  Has the ability to handle fairly heavy traffic.  Consider adding a border, so gravel pieces don’t spill out into the landscape.


Give a more formal look and can handle heavy traffic.  You’ll want to make sure a proper base is constructed prior to laying pavers.  Never place pavers on bare soil.


Probably the most common, convenient and budget friendly material.  Has a natural look and best for low traffic areas.  Will need to be replenished yearly.


Comfortable to walk on and can handle fairly heavy traffic but requires quite a bit of maintenance to keep it looking neat and tidy.  Make sure when designing a turf path that it’s wide enough to fit a mower.

Sweeney’s can help design and install a path based on your needs and budget.  We can even provide a “concept” design/photo to help you envision your path.

“Some people like to make a little garden out of life and walk down a path.”

Jean Anouilh

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney