The weather has been, um, just impossible.  I cannot think of a better term to describe the preposterous, ridiculous high temperatures and humidity.  Sure, September is a fickle lass, but she’s starting to get on my nerves.  Thankfully, the remainder of the week looks decent, but where is the rain?  We could use some rain.


Ok, so the unseasonably high temperatures and anemic lawns don’t exactly put you in the mood or mindset for Fall, but this is what is called “do-or-die” time.  In other words, if you want to renovate your lawn, plant just about anything, complete a Fall clean up, and prepare for next Spring, now is the time to do it.  Now, is also the perfect time to start composting.  As vegetables and flowers begin to fade, and lawn clippings are still widely available, along with the inevitable leaf drop, you have all the materials right at your fingertips to start the process.  Compost is an excellent fertilizer and can amend soil structure.  It’s also a greener alternative to simply tossing organic matter in a landfill.  In other words, it’s kind of a win-win-win situation.  Good for you, good for your garden, and good for the earth.


Pre-fabricated bins can be purchased or you might consider using materials you have readily available.  Left over lumber, cement blocks, wire fencing, and bricks will all work.  Truth be told, you don’t have to have a structure at all.


Many people compost in heaps or piles in the corner of the yard.  Heaps are also easier to turn, which assists in speeding up the decomposition process.


Contrary to popular belief, compost should really not have an odor.  If it does, it could be a sign that the compost is not getting enough air.   This can be easily remedied by turning the compost more often.  Additionally, some items were just not meant for the compost pile and carry nauseating odors and potential pests.  These include, but are not limited to proteins, dairy, and oil that will surely putrefy and attract unwanted pests.  Pet waste should also never be included as the potential bacteria and parasites are downright harmful to humans.


So, while Sweeney’s is out there performing your Fall clean up, consider using all the organic debris to start your very own composting bin or pile.  It’s black gold, baby, black gold!

“Truth is the strong compost in which beauty may sometimes germinate.”

– Christopher Morley

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney

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