The first day of Autumn is actually this Sunday, September 22nd.  I must admit the weekend was just lovely, and the last few days have been agreeable, but I am ready to embrace Fall in all its cool, crisp glory.  Usually by now, temperatures begin to level off as sunlight starts to slowly wane, but there is always the threat of Indian Summer.  Sure, it sounds nice and innocuous enough, but it could spell trouble and some mild discomfort.  I very much wanted to refer to last week’s heat wave as Indian Summer, but when I looked up the definition, it said it could only take place during Autumn proper, so let’s just call last week a painful, oppressive anomaly, but as usual, I digress.

We all know Fall is quickly approaching as every store you saunter into is offering up Halloween candy, pumpkins, and gourds.  I don’t frown upon their intentions, but I do question their timing.  Retailers are really good at rushing you through the seasons, making you feel as if perhaps you’ve already missed one or slept through it.  Rest assured, you have not, and now is the ideal time to think about adding Fall color and interest to your gardens, porches, patios, or front stoops.


The absolute quintessential Fall plant, mums grace our homes and gardens with warm tones of yellow, bronze, burgundy, purple and white.  Flowers begin to bloom when days get shorter and nights grow longer.  They can easily be planted in the garden or left in pots to grace our patios, porches or front stoops.

  Ornamental Kale & Cabbage

I once bought a beautiful bouquet of kale and cabbage from a farmer’s market.  The ruffled foliage and bright colors are perfect for the declining garden.  They actually get more brazen and beautiful after a few frosts and will do well in chilly temperatures.

Pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn, and bales of hay are also fun and festive additions to the landscape.  Call Sweeney’s today and embrace the start of Autumn by adding Fall color and interest.  The Fall garden can be very much alive and is not just a sleepy, segue way into Winter.

“Autumn – the year’s last, loveliest smile.”

– William Cullen Bryant

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney