Gold Leaves on Street  I am thoroughly enjoying Fall and all its precious gifts.  The weather has been nothing short of magical, and the trees do not disappoint.  Every day, a new color reveals itself, and with each blustery gust, our lawns are dappled and decorated.  The sun too has mellowed in its low slung arc, lending a golden, shimmering aura to all it touches.  It is truly an enchanting time, and as the streets are lined in gold, our lives too are emphatically enriched.  I am overcome by beauty and brimming with joy.

Raking Leaves  Some of you share my bliss, but many can’t get past the fact that falling leaves mean work.

Wind Blown Leaves  Leaves, as we discussed last week, should be removed from lawns, and in some cases, beds.  Leaves, although organic, can smother a lawn; thereby killing it.  Beds don’t necessarily need to be completely bereft of leaves as they act as insulators, much like mulch; however, most of the leaves will end up in the lawn with a couple of good, windy days.  So, what to do?

Fall Pruning Perennials  Two words.  Call Sweeney’s.  Sweeney’s offers Fall Clean Ups to meet any need or budget.  Our two visit approach is effective in eliminating the vast majority of leaves.  We generally schedule our first visit when 50% of the leaves have dropped.  The second visit is scheduled when 95% of the leaves have dropped.  Perennials are cut back, preferably after a good frost, when energy and nutrients are no longer being sent to the roots/bulbs.  Our clean up ensures your landscape is put to bed properly for the Winter ahead.

Fall Landscape #2  So, fret not and enjoy Fall’s bounty.  Let Sweeney’s do the heavy lifting.  Heaven knows it’s a fleeting, magical season, so delight in it while you can!

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

-Jim Bishop

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney