Pic #34Fall GrassesAutumn Pallette  The landscape’s golden aura is beginning to deepen and diversify into blazing oranges, fiery scarlets and smoky purples.  Autumn is not solely a feast for our eyes but engages all the senses.  From the distinct smell of newly fallen leaves moistened by dew, to their smoky remnants.  From the rustle and crunch underfoot to the rush of wind through the grasses.   From the velvety leaf undersides to the cottony seed heads.  We are immersed in her seasonal culture and sensory bounty.

In an effort to maintain all the beauty and allure of Autumn well into early Winter, consider planting container gardens with some specially sourced and cold-hardy plants.

Fall Container #1  Look to foliage, rather than flowers, with ornamental grasses and Coral Bells that offer a myriad of different leaf colors and textures.

Fall Container #2A  Consider using evergreens/conifers (Yews & Cypress) with interesting berries or seed heads.

Fall Container #3  Plant Kale and Ornamental Cabbage in interesting or unique containers.

Fall Container #4  Try a mix of succulents for festive flair.

Mix, match, and marry.  There are no hard and fast rules, other than once the leaves have fallen, color and life can abound.

“The scarlet of maples can shake me

like a cry of bugles going by.

And my lonely spirit thrills

To see the frosty asters like smoke upon the hills.”

-William Bliss Carman

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney