The delicate, silvery strand caught a splinter of light, momentarily shimmering and glistening in the early summer sun.  As the wind began to roil and swirl, the spider’s silk became untethered, taking flight upon the breeze.  An almost invisible moment became apparent.  A shared secret to keep.

What surely is no secret are the health benefits of green spaces, more specifically trees and woods/forests.  Recent studies have found that exposure to trees and woods/forests reduces depression and the reliance on medication, while reducing stress and anxiety and improving cognitive functioning.

Further still, some doctors and therapists are recommending more outdoor time whereby patients immerse themselves in nature by taking a trip into the woods/forest. This type of therapy is known as tree or forest bathing.

Tree or forest bathing is the act by which you immerse yourself in nature, by slowly walking through the woods while engaging all your senses.  This can lead to reduced stress, anxiety, depression, and anger while strengthening the immune system, improving cardiovascular and metabolic health, and overall wellbeing.

And you need not walk far or go far.  Look to local parks, forest preserves or any green spaces.  Engage your senses, don’t rush, appreciate the silence, and try different activities, like reading a book, having a picnic, meditating, or simply jotting down your thoughts.

Skip the sunbathing, and head out to the woods!  After all, your health and wellbeing are of upmost importance!  Reach out to Sweeney’s for additional tips or ideas on creating your own healthful, green spaces.   We proudly serve the communities of Villa Park, Elmhurst, Oakbrook, Oakbrook Terrace, Glen Ellyn, Lombard, Wood Dale, Itasca, and more!

Sweeney’s:  A Plant Based Company

Plant of the Week

Forest Rouge™ Blackhaw Viburnum

Yellowish-green foliage emerges in Spring on dark red stems.  In Summer, clusters of white, flat topped flowers bloom amongst shiny, dark green foliage, followed by bluish-black fruit and maroon foliage in Fall. Prefers sun to partial sun and moist, well-drained soil.  Grows 8-12′ tall and 6-8′ wide.  Attracts butterflies and pollinators.

“Trees give peace to the souls of men.”

― Nora Waln

Best wishes,

Kim Sweeney